Thursday, August 23, 2012

KOF Wing 1.8 Haohmaru skill list move list

King of Fighters Wing 1.8 is the 1.8 version of King of Fighters Wing game with new character Haohmaru from classic arcade fighting game Samurai Shodown added to the gameplay. Haohmaru is a star character of Samurai Shodown series and is one of the most known characters in this series. In this version of KOF Wing game, new skills are also added to some characters. King of Fighters Wing is a very nice flash remake of the classic arcade fighting game King of Fighters or KOF. KOF Wing 1.8 is in Chinese, so if you do not know Chinese and you are not an experienced player of King of Fighters Wing game, it is recommended that you play the King of Fighters Wing 1.0 Demo, which has English option, first to get familiar with the game controls.

The special move key combinations for character Haohmaru are shown in the following chat. In this chart, K means strong kick, K_l means light kick, P means strong punch, P_l means light punch. H key means hack, and S1 means power burst. If you choose normal key mode in the game menu, you need to use the normal key mode combinations. If you choose simple key mode in the game menu, you need to use the simple key mode combinations.

Normal Key Mode

skill 1: →+P_l   skill 2: ↘+K  skill 3: Dash+K  skill 4: Dash+P  skill 5: ↓→+H   skill 6: while in air↓→+H   skill 7: →↓→+H   skill 8: ←↓←+H   skill 9: →↓←+P   skill 10: ←↓→+P   skill 11: ↓→+K    skill   12: ↓←+K   

Super Skill 1: ↓→↓→+P   Super Skill 2: ↓→↓→+K

Potential Super Skill 1: ↓→+S1   Potential Super Skill 2: ↓←+S1

Simple Key Mode

skill 1: N/A   skill 2: ↘+K   skill 3: Dash+K   skill 4: Dash+P   skill 5: →+P   skill 6: while in air →+H   skill 7: ↓→+any key   skill 8: ↓←+any key   skill 9: N/A   skill 10: N/A   skill 11: →+K   skill 12: ←+K   

Super Skill 1: P_l   Super Skill 2: K_l 

Potential Super Skill 1: S1   Potential Super Skill 2: ←+S1

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